Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy St-Valentine's Day!

Surprises are one of my favorite things. And this morning, I got a doozie. My husband--thoughtful man that he is!--decorated the kitchen in St-Valentine's Day splendor before he took off for work.

Banners and ribbons and cards now decorate one corner of my little world.

Funny thing, though. It's doesn't seem quite so small this morning. In fact, it felt pretty darned huge as I stumbled into my kitchen looking for my coffee pot and walked into a celebration instead. It made me smile. It lightened my heart. It made me stop in my tracks and appreciate the little things that my husband does for me every day. Because let's face it, having a day to celebrate your love for another is great, but it's more important to love and appreciate them on a regular basis. Not just one day a year.

Sometimes that's hard. Escpecially when your significant other does something that makes you want to pull your hair out. Or kick something. But at those times--because invariably they will come--I try to remember that I do things that drive him crazy too. It's all about give and take, isn't it?

And thank God for that. If we were perfect, after all, life would be pretty darned boring.

What are you doing to celebrate the person you love today?

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