Friday, June 3, 2011

Thank You Never Gets Old

So, I got thanked today by E.J.--a cool guy with a great blog called The Open Vein that I check out regularly.  Which, of course, got me thinking.

Do I say thank you enough?  

I like to think I'm polite, appreciative person.  After all, I always thank people who help me.  Clerks in grocery stores.  Strangers who hold doors open or the elevator when I'm scrambling to get on board before the darn doors close.  The guy making me a latte behind the coffee counter. . .the chocolate Gods for mixing up the goody-good-goodness of peanut M&Ms.

You know the drill.  But, those aren't the 'thank yous' I'm talking about.

The ones I mean are more heart felt. . .and belong to those we care about and love.  The people who stick with us through thick and thin, never mind the circumstance.  But, those are the people who slip through the cracks, aren't they?  We see or talk to them all the time.  Each day blends into the next, and the what do you know?  We forget how much they mean to us because they're always just THERE.  The constant in our lives that we take for granted.

I mean, really.  How often do I say thank you for that?  For the privilege of having them in my life?

Not very often (here's where I hang my head).

So, in honor of E.J. and his awesome initiative, I'm off on a 'thank you' spree.  And I'm gonna nail all my friends and family to my thank you board.  Let them know how much I value and appreciate them.  How much they make me laugh, cheer me up, keep me even and support me just by being who they are. . .which is just plain fabulous.

Oh, before I forget.  Thank You too. . .for stopping by.

Have a great weekend all.


  1. Makes me want to sing the Golden Girls theme song.

  2. Just today someone told me a sad story about how they bought 60$ tickets for a show, and when they walked in, they were asked to volunteer by standing on the street and handing out FREE tickets. They missed half the show they paid for and never got a thank you. hmmm. I think you're right. We forget to say thank you at the oddest times.

    Oh and the M&M god was a nice touch. hehe

  3. This is a lovely post. I try to make a point to thank people -- especially people in customer service positions, because they get cursed at more times than not. And I always ask to speak to their supervisor to compliment them, so they aren't overlooked. But you're right -- I wonder if I'm forgetting the folks closer to home. Thanks for the reminder. :) (And thanks for contributing to my blog all the time--I appreciate it.)