Monday, May 2, 2011

English Teacher Harassed For Being Erotica Author

Awesome video, much?  Not only is the guy a fast talker (which I happen to love), he defends someone who's hobby he doesn't necessily agree with. . .and makes some excellent points along the way.

Well worth the watch.  Enjoy everyone!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. OMG! I love this video. I know it's serious, but hopefully one day, someone makes a video like this to support me when I'm about to get fired for writing about what really goes on behind closed doors! Love it!!!!

    Thanks for sharing, and just so you know, I watched that with hot chocolate in hand, and spit it all over my screen when he said Polyjuice!!! HAHA. I was laughing so hard, because don't you try out all your scenes? Is that just me who jumps from moving trains while tied and gagged? Damn that's funny.

    Hope you enjoyed the chocolate shower. Ah. That was great. Thanks.

  2. I saw this recently and thought it was great. I love his enthusiasm and his thought-provoking points. Thanks for sharing it. :)


  3. Lol he's awesome. All his points are spot on and he's so enthusiastic.

    I hope this video brings some sanity to the minds of the people involved.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Can you imagine what people might say/do/think if they found out I write mysteries and sometimes have graphic murder portrayed in the book/

  5. Very entertaining delivery on a very serious message - nicely done. Thanks for paying it forward.

    (And thanks for your comments on my blog - now I'm following you!)

  6. Wow, I hadn't heard about this story (but I've been under a rock for a while). This is an awesome video! I totally agree with everything he said.

  7. I know! I love his passonate defense of her, and the excellent points about getting real.